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Scarlet's Story

My name is Scarlet O’Neill & here is my story. I am a photographer. I am an artist. I am a lover. I am passionate & I stand by my person. I live each day to it’s fullest, fantastically, gracefully, courageously & full of heart. Photography is my way of bringing some sweetness to the world. I am a soundtrack queen. Play me a song and I can tell you what movie it’s from. I eat cookie dough out of the Pillsbury package - by the fridge, door still ajar. I squeal with excitement and sometimes jump up & down from it. I look ten years younger than I am, but feel ten years older. I have been photographing since I could hold a camera. I love taking photographs more than anything else. I love making people smile. I love capturing moments for a lifetime of smiles. I love getting to know the people in front of my camera, through and through. Be good to me and I will give you my heart. I want my images to mean something & I want them to evoke laughter, tears and ear-to-ear deep down inside happiness. I want you to see how beautiful you are, how in love that special someone is with YOU. I believe that every single bride is beautiful. I believe in love at first sight. My style is creative, elegant, quirky, modern & vintage, but beyond anything else- timeless. I love old love stories, new love tales and endless kisses. I will take real photos of you & your loved ones. I will show you things that you may have missed or never known. I love fairy tales, but I double love real stories. I can’t wait to tell yours. I really, really love what I do.

close story


The Wedding Chicks has been one of my favourite wedding blogs for as along as I can remember, or as long as they have existed. When I am submitted the wedding of Crystal & Cameron, I was nervous- like super super omg why am I even trying nervous. When I hear back 4 minutes after submitting that it was in fact a YES, I may have done a little dance in my living room. From this one feature so many great things have showed up at my front door, or email inbox, and I cannot thank Wedding Chicks enough for featuring one of my favourite weddings.

That sparkly dress is to die for and even though we stirred up a bit of controversy with the shot of Crystal putting on her dress where in fact her butt crack gave me a bit of a name, I don’t think I can ever really express how wonderful this couple is, how fabulous this day was and how inspired I was and always will be by people like them. They are one of the most amazing couples I have ever met and I am so happy that we have become friends, plus their wedding kicks some serious butt, or rather – buttcrack.

For the full feature, check it out here and always check out The Wedding Chicks.

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